Betty Willis Your Artistic Angel Blue We Love You

Betty Willis' Blue Angel, whom she had gifted to Las Vegas, came down. Born in Las Vegas, Nevada, she is best known for having been the designer of the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign.
Ms. Willis Your Angel always kept me safe

Learn more About Ms. Willis on PBS' American Experience, Las Vegas An Unconventional History

Homeless on East Fremont

We stay where we can in layered clothing. Sub-freezing temperatures redefines forgotten fashion sense. A palette of sleeping bags, blankets and pillows; salvaged from East Fremont Dumpsters, are warm found treasures; Gifts from Angels.   The guys do the 'Dumpster Diving' as I, at my 49 years of age, am too out of shape to get into a dumpster, let alone out. But I do my part.

I sort the cans from the plastic and pile other artifacts for later evaluation. I have to hurry. The little white truck, that passes through the alley behind 24th Street Market, on most days between 10 and 11am, will be here soon. Three large bags, of plastic bottles mostly,

and one small bag, heavy with crushed aluminum, pays between $3.00 - $5.00 for 6 hours  of labor with a 4am start. Our pay does not go far in a 3-way split. It's enough though, to start our Day. We self-medicate with $1.07 beer from the 11th Street Market and ciggarettes, 3 for a dollar, from the Fremont Market in front of the Alicia Motel. We trade 'Homeless War Stories' of how we got here and make plans for the day.

Fremont East District's Sacrificial Gardens

One by one, the motels, casinos and downtown buildings fall. The transition, not as fleet for some, whispers ominous in each and every old, old tree. When the buildings come down, so does the accompanying architectural landscape.

Angels Baking Cookies

Get Mike Schmid's Snow Day on iTunes

Angels Baking Cookies is a family saying and Christmas Tradition. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and wait along with me for the cookies to come out of the oven. Photos by That Dam Kat. Video produced by Kathleen H. Ackroyd via Animoto. Music "Lullabye (Christmas Is Here)" from the album Snow Day by Mike Schmid.

That Dam Kat's First Friday Faves for December 7, 2012

Scooby-Doo's Dad is 
going to be there from 5-9pm! 
Meet Legendary Animator Ron Campbell in the First Friday - KidZone at 1213 Casino Center Blvd. Mr. Campbell's work also includes The Beatles' Yellow Submarine!
"Full Steam AHEAD! Dooh-Doo, Dooh-Doo"

Visit for maps, places and times of all the wonderful Artists, Musicians and Vendors.

Check out Supremely Surreal Artist, Alex Reiter. Visit the Alex Reiter Mind Feed Page for all of his Great Works!

Have a Green Drink
at the Green Street
"Eco Lounge"
RSVP on Facebook.
Produced by Living EcoSmart
The Green Street "Eco Lounge" is on 
California Avenue, west of Casino Center.

AND HaleAmanO has the "Fiyah..."  See You There!

Pear Harbor Day 2012

Tap House teams up with Toys for Tots

From now through December 20th, drop off your new unwrapped toy at The Tap House Italian American Bar and Grill at 5589 West Charleston Blvd in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Tap House is one of That Dam Kat's Foodie Faves!
Great Pasta, Pizza and their Thanksgiving Meal was to die for!

Check out their Full Menu and then call 702-870-2111 for pickup.

Tell Diana and Lauri Hi!

ISS makes a showing in Las Vegas at 5:46am on November 27 2012

Get up Early to see the International Space Station in the Las Vegas pre-dawn sky.

Look for the approach at 5:46am 11 degrees above NNW

What are Degrees? Get more information at NASA's Spot the Station Page

Don't worry if you miss this showing. Thanks to the great work of NASA Curator Kim Dismukes, more sighting opportunities are listed through December 4, 2012.

Don't live in Vegas? Go to the International Space Station Home page to sign up for your customized ISS alerts.

Envy Showcase to Benefit Three Square

featuring That Dam Kat's Faves Shotguns N Gasoline and Da Soulution PLUS 5 more Great Bands! Monday, November 19 at the House of Blues Doors Open at 8 18+  Sponsored by and The House of Blues RSVP